Pollen storage with CVaults.

What to do when you need to store pollen?

In the past pollen was stored in a plastic bag in the fridge or a film canister in the freezer. Those methods controlled the temperature of storage but didn’t really preserve moisture content of the pollen.

While discussing this issue with Chris of CVault, he offered the idea of using Cvaults and Boveda moisture packs as storage solutions for keeping pollen for extended amounts of time. Not only are the CVault containers airtight to retain the pollen with little mess, but the pollen is completely protected from sunlight.  Altogether with the airtight seal and the Boveda moisture pack, the Cvault is a dialed-in pollen storage tool for breeders to prevent degradation and control humidity.








Completely compact and protected, these selected male phenotype pollen can last longer and be better protected from the elements while in CVaults.








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