Emdog finished

The EmDog was a pleasure to grow, but needed some SERIOUS de-leafing this time around!!  She loves her haircuts!


She can take a good amount of food!! I didn’t have any issues running her all the way up to 1600 ppm at the end of week 6. She has the look and tendency to grow more leaning to the Chem side of things in my opinion, especially based off of structure and smell!

With a 9 week finish she wasn’t the quickest but for sure did over 1.5 lb per light! Very very nice headstash as well!!!

Sherbert updates and finish

This is by far the stickiest weed i have ever come across!!

This cut was given to me and we finally now finished flowering her out! All i can say is DIABETES causing weed! So sweet to the smell with rock hard buds…she is gonna be a pleasure to smoke!

She grows a bit funny and is not a heavy producer.  Small tight nugs…nothing for a commercial room, but one of my favorite and savory smokes to date!

Woody OG grow tests

A few months ago i got a few cuts from a friend hyping this version of OG.  Ive ran numerous versions and hybrids over the years, and this one definitely competes with the best of em!


An absolute gem and joy to smoke! Super stinky, very gassy and greasy! Im interested to see the results of a new project we did with the Woody and a Tripple OG father given to us by Dr Frost awhile back. The results should be stunning!!

HSO Master OG

My boy Mr B over at HSO blessed me with this Master OG about 3 years ago and its been a staple in my rooms ever since!

In 2006 i first grew another cut of the Master in a dwc system for a few rounds. Like my first girlfriend i have a certain fondness for the strain as it really is what started me in my growing hobby and now full time job.

The story goes that it was made my him and his dad in their yard with a selection of Master mothers and selected Emerald OG fathers all brought down from the farm in Humboldt.  Using the crux strategy they bred 3 different fathers over the selected females and created the f1 generation of the Master OG.

A few hundred seeds were popped and 3 months later we had our elite mother, which im still running today, years later!

It grows like the classic Master Kush from Sensi Seeds, with a hint more OG smell and for sure a heavier yield due to the other parent in the Emerald OG.


Hope you enjoyed the video!


EmDog Grow Journal

After running a bunch of elite clones for a quite long time, with no updates, i decided to go through some photos i have taken to compile a grow journal from our last batch of seeds….the EmDog released by Humboldt Seed Organization and B Real of Cypress Hill.


Fresh EmDog seed starts

I learned from the finest…the cleanliness, attention to detail and style of growing i contribute to the LA Soul Assassins / Cypress Hill family…thank you.

Cuts or seed starts are always made fresh, in a clinical sterile environment, using new trays, materials every time.

Veg Room 1

Veg Room 2

After taking cuts with a sharp new razor blade i  give them a few weeks veg to get to about 2 ft tall…then making their way into the pre-flower room.

EmDog week 3 veg

EmDog ready for transplant and flip

EmDog transplanted – end week 1 flowering

Uniformity and cleanness is key. I put 12 under a 1000w light in hugo cubes, feed to waste daily.  Im not a practitioner in recirculating systems…

EmDog week 3 flowering

EmDog week 5 flowering

EmDog week 6 flowering

De-leafing and haircutting time – week 7

EmDog week 8

EmDog finished and flushing – week 9

Upon a 14 day flush…the first 4 days are only RO water and molasses…the remaining 10 days is just RO.

EmDog ready for cut and trim – end week 9

The EmDog is a super vigorous, uniform and hearty plant to grow! She loves her food and was bred for a hydro-organic system.  A steady supply of cal-mag is needed!!  At weeks 6 through 8 you will need to manicure her bigger fan leaves….it is a mandatory de-leafing!!

The gassy chem / OG smell lingers in the later weeks and really comes out nicely with a proper cure.

Enjoy and hope you liked the pics!!




DNA’s Tangie stable shatter


DNA Genetics Tangie stable shatter

Type:     Sativa dominant
Solventless?:     No
Flowering:     9 to 10 weeks
Indoor yield:     Medium
THC:     Medium / High

– – –

The homie from KUSHARMY (on instagram #kusharmy) rolled through today and blessed us with some of the tastiest herb/wax/shatter i have ever had! IT REALLY DOES SMELL AND TASTE LIKE TANGERINES!!!

Rumor has it that this stuff is 100 bucks a gr in clubs….POW!!


In my opinion this is the best tasting stuff i have had in a LONG time.  It compares, but is different to the likes of Exodus Cheese, Oldschool Pinapple Express and some of the fruity/stinky haze phonos cropping up.  Super tasty, a super smoke overall!!!

Thanks again for the link Kusharmy and FOB 😉

B Real TV Studios

I decided to take a day trip to Downtown LA and check 3rd st & San Pedro for some new glass (all i saw was crap and fakes!!)  For sure DO NOT buy any glass from the swindlers down there!!!!

After lunch and a session with the homies on Spring i headed to the B Real TV Studio near the convention center.

B Real TV
B Real TV Studios

After a HUGE dab session with B and the boys we got some bomb ass mex food!

Make sure you check B’s SMOKEBOX sessions aswell as his daily 4:20 show!!!

And just in case you forgot…another shout from the studio:


Blueberry Headband Stable Shatter

Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband Stable Shatter

Type:     Hybrid
Solventless?:     No
Flowering:     7 to 8 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     High

– – –

The HSO crew…also the same line breeders for the Emerald Triangle bank, i think (now from the UK ive heard) gifted me a small stock of this powerhouse strain in reg form.  After popping them and doing selection i found 2 keeper phonos that are now in rotation.  One a super heavy blueberry leaning fruity pheno and the other one a bit more gassy/kushy.

Interesting taste, reminds me of the blueberry from the early days in Amsterdam.  The yield is way above average with this strain….a real good one for hash production!

Thanks again to “The Welder” for the purge and process!

Two thumbs up on this one!!  Ill have more journals and updates on this strain for sure.