Master OG Solventless Bubble Hash

HSO Master x OG

Master x OG Solventless Bubblehash

Type:     Indica dominant
Solventless?:     Yes – 90 Micron BubbleBags
Flowering:     7 to 8 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     Ultra High

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This solvent-less wonder took a bit longer to make than normal, but well worth the wait!!  This particular strain seems to produce larger trics so the blockage and waiting time for each bag to separate / drain took quite some time through the bags.

It has a very strong effect with the taste leaning towards the Hindu/Bubba area, but the plant, while growing resembles some OG characteristics with a long stretch and a bit more “popcorn” or “cotton ball” nug formation along the stem.  All in all a great hybrid, in my opinion!

HSO Master x OG   HSO Master OG

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