HSO Master OG

My boy Mr B over at HSO blessed me with this Master OG about 3 years ago and its been a staple in my rooms ever since!

In 2006 i first grew another cut of the Master in a dwc system for a few rounds. Like my first girlfriend i have a certain fondness for the strain as it really is what started me in my growing hobby and now full time job.

The story goes that it was made my him and his dad in their yard with a selection of Master mothers and selected Emerald OG fathers all brought down from the farm in Humboldt.  Using the crux strategy they bred 3 different fathers over the selected females and created the f1 generation of the Master OG.

A few hundred seeds were popped and 3 months later we had our elite mother, which im still running today, years later!

It grows like the classic Master Kush from Sensi Seeds, with a hint more OG smell and for sure a heavier yield due to the other parent in the Emerald OG.


Hope you enjoyed the video!


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