the Glazed Cherry project: part two

The next stage of the Glazed Cherry strain began indoors under T5’s but ended in the SoCal Sun.



Purple cotyledons are practically the calling card of Glazed Cherry seedlings. If you received a pack at the Seatlle HTCC and see this trait when you germinate, its a good sign.







Once these seeds vegged out a bit and went through our proprietary selection process, a plan was committed.




Luckily we were offered the perfect backyard area in SoCal to set up a quick hoop house for the F2 seed run. A hardware store run later a tight little light depo was up and running. Now was the hard part, waking up and pulling tarp every morning and every evening on time.

























Another successful generation was created, the Glazed Cherry F2 seed. This seed made it’s debut at the Seattle High Times Cannibus Cup expo in Everett Washington.




5 thoughts on “the Glazed Cherry project: part two

  1. ska'd 4 life

    Wow! Love seeing the work you guys are doing. Only had the pleasure so far of growing your bubba kush and green crack (i miss my green crack it’s all gone!) but fantastic girls they certainly were! got the 4 amazing freebies from the ‘tude recently & my green fingers are itching to get them started! killer genetics, great prices and accurate descriptions. Big props to all at H.S.O from a U.K. grower keep up the good work & may the green gods bless you!

  2. Cindy Hill

    I bought a package of glazed cherries at the Southern California High Times cannabis medical. just starting to germinate them I’ll have to keep you updated.

  3. Ralph

    I gotta get some of these in Colorado. Been hooked on hso since my first pack of Dr green thumbs emdog. I still run that strain on a regular. A favorite of my patients here. This cross sounds amazing and I’m dying to try. Help!


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