EmDog Stable Shatter


EmDog stable shatter

Type:     Indica dominant
Solventless?:     No
Flowering:     8 to 9 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     Ultra High

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This piece of joy was made for us by “The Welder”…THANK YOU!!

Super strong and tasty smoke!  It tastes just like the flowers, and kept me stoned for quite a few hours from only 2 dabs.

2 thoughts on “EmDog Stable Shatter

  1. Kevin K

    I got some emdog going, I’d like to see some grows of it, i thought emdog was sativa dom tho? Why is the west coast so up on shatter and here in the D they like budded those light yellow crumbly shit that’s whipped… I just gotta meet the demand so I make what they want I just never get requests for shatter out here just budded

  2. SD Med Thumb

    Emdog shatter? No..I can’t….that’s laughably amazing… Hide the young ,old and anything but bold for this gold!


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