EmDog OG Solventless Bubble Hash

EmDog OG Solventless Bubblehash

EmDog OG Solventless Bubblehash

Type:     Indica/Sativa dominant
Solventless?:     Yes – 90 Micron BubbleBags
Flowering:     8 to 9 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     Ultra High

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This solventless bubblehash we made today is very tasty!  Ive had it in a joint, bowl and also a few dabs of the 90 micron hash through the Liquid mini!


The OG taste really comes out…totally worth the wait with the multi bag kit from Bubbleman (www.freshheadies.com) !  Really amazing smoke!!


One thought on “EmDog OG Solventless Bubble Hash

  1. 420medhead

    Whazzzz uuuup Keifer Sutherland;D hey man that EmdOG looks so WicKed BrO! Just ordered mine from Tude hope I win a poster or muG or some cool chiT ,haha can’t wait to get them Danks for making this CroSs man it’s Truly Awesome what You and B are trying to Do with saving the True genetics and what better 2 to cross! I’ve sample all of His others in LA and Truly loveD the ReD RyDer also gots my PhuncKY Feel tips there too shot out to The HR FaM in ReseDa # 1 Still in my GreeNheart and SouL! If you ever lookin for a prospecT with RespecT and good genetics and 10 years experience mostly in soil though No hydro iD be willing to Do anything man I lived in LA for a year and The Bake for a year would love to move Back if had someting lined up! ;;)) I can also roll perfect spiffs with the FunckyS mane never Drop a lick and no wetted up messy chit and always burns all GooooD to de EnD my Friend and always pass it to the <LatER future prospect


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