EmDog Grow Journal

After running a bunch of elite clones for a quite long time, with no updates, i decided to go through some photos i have taken to compile a grow journal from our last batch of seeds….the EmDog released by Humboldt Seed Organization and B Real of Cypress Hill.


Fresh EmDog seed starts

I learned from the finest…the cleanliness, attention to detail and style of growing i contribute to the LA Soul Assassins / Cypress Hill family…thank you.

Cuts or seed starts are always made fresh, in a clinical sterile environment, using new trays, materials every time.

Veg Room 1

Veg Room 2

After taking cuts with a sharp new razor blade i  give them a few weeks veg to get to about 2 ft tall…then making their way into the pre-flower room.

EmDog week 3 veg

EmDog ready for transplant and flip

EmDog transplanted – end week 1 flowering

Uniformity and cleanness is key. I put 12 under a 1000w light in hugo cubes, feed to waste daily.  Im not a practitioner in recirculating systems…

EmDog week 3 flowering

EmDog week 5 flowering

EmDog week 6 flowering

De-leafing and haircutting time – week 7

EmDog week 8

EmDog finished and flushing – week 9

Upon a 14 day flush…the first 4 days are only RO water and molasses…the remaining 10 days is just RO.

EmDog ready for cut and trim – end week 9

The EmDog is a super vigorous, uniform and hearty plant to grow! She loves her food and was bred for a hydro-organic system.  A steady supply of cal-mag is needed!!  At weeks 6 through 8 you will need to manicure her bigger fan leaves….it is a mandatory de-leafing!!

The gassy chem / OG smell lingers in the later weeks and really comes out nicely with a proper cure.

Enjoy and hope you liked the pics!!




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