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Pollen storage with CVaults.

What to do when you need to store pollen?

In the past pollen was stored in a plastic bag in the fridge or a film canister in the freezer. Those methods controlled the temperature of storage but didn’t really preserve moisture content of the pollen.

While discussing this issue with Chris of CVault, he offered the idea of using Cvaults and Boveda moisture packs as storage solutions for keeping pollen for extended amounts of time. Not only are the CVault containers airtight to retain the pollen with little mess, but the pollen is completely protected from sunlight.  Altogether with the airtight seal and the Boveda moisture pack, the Cvault is a dialed-in pollen storage tool for breeders to prevent degradation and control humidity.








Completely compact and protected, these selected male phenotype pollen can last longer and be better protected from the elements while in CVaults.








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that Y Life..




Took a trip to the Bay, the City to be specific and linked with the #CookieFam for a taste of the Y Life Holy Water. After waking from a baked potato state of consciousness, and regaining the power of speech, all that could be said was how amazing the flavor is. Holy Water is a BHO extract that looses very little terpenes in the concentrating process due to how fresh the material is when processed. Strict usage of “Fresh Frozen” material has shown some unique properties in the end product. It was described as if the terpene oils and the crystalized THC-Acids separate as the oil cures at room temperature. Incredible flavor profile on this oil, @Jigga415 and @SFFluxCapacitor, have a great thing going with this stuff.


#TeamHSO on the Attitude..

The Attitude seed bank highlighted Humboldt Seed Organization’s new releases this year with an awesome promo video..

here’s some screenshots from the Ewe2 section:

IMG_0901 IMG_0904 IMG_0908 IMG_0910


please check the video and give some thumbs up!

and as always check the Attitude for the best souvenirs !!

the Glazed Cherry project: part two

The next stage of the Glazed Cherry strain began indoors under T5’s but ended in the SoCal Sun.



Purple cotyledons are practically the calling card of Glazed Cherry seedlings. If you received a pack at the Seatlle HTCC and see this trait when you germinate, its a good sign.







Once these seeds vegged out a bit and went through our proprietary selection process, a plan was committed.




Luckily we were offered the perfect backyard area in SoCal to set up a quick hoop house for the F2 seed run. A hardware store run later a tight little light depo was up and running. Now was the hard part, waking up and pulling tarp every morning and every evening on time.

























Another successful generation was created, the Glazed Cherry F2 seed. This seed made it’s debut at the Seattle High Times Cannibus Cup expo in Everett Washington.




the Glazed Cherry project: part one

…it all started with a seed.

After swimming in the vaults of hidden treasures, some HSO Cherry OG regs came floating to the top. After germination and selecting out the runts, they were off to the races. In about the 2nd or 3rd full week of vegetive cycle,  the pre flowers were showing sex.  The males were then segregated from the females at a separate grow room facility.




These Cherry OG males acclimated quite well to the new environment and were than switched to a flowering schedule. Usually at this point we apply Tranzition from Sensational Solutions in a foliar and feed addition to our pre-flower regiment.


Easily by week 3, the boys were ready to spread their love to the world.

The world, in this case, happened to be some Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookie cuts that were vegging and pre flowering along at the same stage as the Cherry OG males. The idea was that Cherries and Cookies could share the same bowl, so to speak.






In the meantime the sister Cherry OG’s were flowering away. With some easy LST training these colas filled up the whole top. Everyone loved the flavor of these girls. The tastes starts with a strong cherry and is followed with an almost balsamic like skunk musk.









A couple weeks later the seed run was starting to finish and the drying and de-seeding process began. After a heady session of scissor hash, the name Glazed Cherry was given to these F1 seeds.



A big part of our philosophy at Humboldt Seed Organization is to not rush products to the market without proper development. These F1 seeds were not released and were dedicated to pushing to the next generation. Testing, selection, line breeding is all done within the #TeamHSO crew.

look out for “part 2” coming next..