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Dr Greenthumb’s EmDog now with The Attitude!


The release of EmDog is here!!  I am pretty proud of this strain…its a cross of my Clasick OG aka Kief Sweat elite clone and the Chem #4 cut i got from the HSO crew.

B Real and I tested out a few hundred of the S1 prodigy and its FIRE.  A few slightly different phenos, but ALL carry over the lineage and traits of my Clasick OG.  I am impressed as it is a superior smoke!!

Big ups and thank you to B Real, The Attitude and the HSO crew for helping me make this happen!!


Im working on a few other EmDog crosses including The Tange, Ewe2 (Iraq landrace kush), Dr Frost’ Sour Alien and HSO’s Fire Dream (Fire OG x Blue Dream), which should all be dropping in a few months.

If you are looking for the EmDog….please try The Attitude