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shots from the garden..

just some shots from the gardens..


flower room central

Here’s a central shot of a 16 1000w HPS + 4 600w MH light room, with plants in rock wool cubes on 8 4×8 trays and tables. This room uses a simple hand watering top feed to waste in this sealed environment agriculture styled chamber. Co2 is released from bottles at 1400 ppm, which is meter-controlled. Daytime climate is usually 78degree/45%humidity within a 10 point drop at night. At the end of cycle, temperature is dropped down another 10 degrees. Flush is always a minimum of 10 days on the short cycle indicas and up to 20 on the longer sativas.



Using these awesome Method Seven filters to show an embedded canopy shot, in between the the two trellis layers of support and restriction. This strain’s working title is Citrus Punch, due to the smooth citrus flavor from the dried flower smoke and concentrates. This cut was a gift so the lineage isn’t clear but the popular assumption is that it is derived from the Tangerine Dream genetic offered by Barney’s Farm.


and here’s a finishing crop shot..



DNA’s Tangie stable shatter


DNA Genetics Tangie stable shatter

Type:     Sativa dominant
Solventless?:     No
Flowering:     9 to 10 weeks
Indoor yield:     Medium
THC:     Medium / High

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The homie from KUSHARMY (on instagram #kusharmy) rolled through today and blessed us with some of the tastiest herb/wax/shatter i have ever had! IT REALLY DOES SMELL AND TASTE LIKE TANGERINES!!!

Rumor has it that this stuff is 100 bucks a gr in clubs….POW!!


In my opinion this is the best tasting stuff i have had in a LONG time.  It compares, but is different to the likes of Exodus Cheese, Oldschool Pinapple Express and some of the fruity/stinky haze phonos cropping up.  Super tasty, a super smoke overall!!!

Thanks again for the link Kusharmy and FOB 😉