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HSO Master OG

My boy Mr B over at HSO blessed me with this Master OG about 3 years ago and its been a staple in my rooms ever since!

In 2006 i first grew another cut of the Master in a dwc system for a few rounds. Like my first girlfriend i have a certain fondness for the strain as it really is what started me in my growing hobby and now full time job.

The story goes that it was made my him and his dad in their yard with a selection of Master mothers and selected Emerald OG fathers all brought down from the farm in Humboldt.  Using the crux strategy they bred 3 different fathers over the selected females and created the f1 generation of the Master OG.

A few hundred seeds were popped and 3 months later we had our elite mother, which im still running today, years later!

It grows like the classic Master Kush from Sensi Seeds, with a hint more OG smell and for sure a heavier yield due to the other parent in the Emerald OG.


Hope you enjoyed the video!


Master Kush x OG Shatter

Today I visited my Dutch friend “E” at the HSO breeding facility in the middle of nowhere and made a little bit of wax & stable shatter head stash from some of my Master x OG trim and b buds from the last pull.

I used Power 7x refined, through a 14″ glass (2″ wide) tube with my special multiple filter technique.  After a complete purge on the electric slow griddle with silicone mat, i then vacuum purge it until there are no residual solvents inside. From there the shatter gets flame polished and cured.

After smoking some of the small finished wax test run…we knew it was FIRE and went ahead with the rest of the shatter run (for personal medicinal use ONLY!).

Master OG Wax     –     Master OG Shatter

Master x OG Wax & Stable Shatter

Type:     Indica dominant
Solventless?:     No – Power 7x used
Flowering:     7 to 8 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     Ultra High

The taste is very sweet with hints of bubba/master and OG…it leaves a lasting taste in the mouth and has a super couch-lock effect.

That buttery smell makes you crave breakfast even in the middle of the night!!!


Master OG Solventless Bubble Hash

HSO Master x OG

Master x OG Solventless Bubblehash

Type:     Indica dominant
Solventless?:     Yes – 90 Micron BubbleBags
Flowering:     7 to 8 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     Ultra High

– – –

This solvent-less wonder took a bit longer to make than normal, but well worth the wait!!  This particular strain seems to produce larger trics so the blockage and waiting time for each bag to separate / drain took quite some time through the bags.

It has a very strong effect with the taste leaning towards the Hindu/Bubba area, but the plant, while growing resembles some OG characteristics with a long stretch and a bit more “popcorn” or “cotton ball” nug formation along the stem.  All in all a great hybrid, in my opinion!

HSO Master x OG   HSO Master OG