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4/20 in Humboldt

If it’s all about making money and “Smashing it” we made the wrong decision. We decided not to goto HTCC in Denver CO. Instead we gathered the crew in full force and spent the stoner  holidays in Humboldt County, in the towns of Arcata and Eureka. Over the weekend we toured farms, bought local and hung tight with our #TeamHSO family.








shots from the garden..

just some shots from the gardens..


flower room central

Here’s a central shot of a 16 1000w HPS + 4 600w MH light room, with plants in rock wool cubes on 8 4×8 trays and tables. This room uses a simple hand watering top feed to waste in this sealed environment agriculture styled chamber. Co2 is released from bottles at 1400 ppm, which is meter-controlled. Daytime climate is usually 78degree/45%humidity within a 10 point drop at night. At the end of cycle, temperature is dropped down another 10 degrees. Flush is always a minimum of 10 days on the short cycle indicas and up to 20 on the longer sativas.



Using these awesome Method Seven filters to show an embedded canopy shot, in between the the two trellis layers of support and restriction. This strain’s working title is Citrus Punch, due to the smooth citrus flavor from the dried flower smoke and concentrates. This cut was a gift so the lineage isn’t clear but the popular assumption is that it is derived from the Tangerine Dream genetic offered by Barney’s Farm.


and here’s a finishing crop shot..



Cryptik in Los Angeles

As i was driving to AHHS i made a wrong turn and needed to get back onto Fairfax….turned around in this Wells Fargo parking lot to find this amazing piece of art:

Really stunning seeing this in the making!  Big shouts and respect to the Cryptik and Karen Bystedt families!!  Great people!

Check their IG accounts here:


Karen Bystedt

Emdog finished

The EmDog was a pleasure to grow, but needed some SERIOUS de-leafing this time around!!  She loves her haircuts!


She can take a good amount of food!! I didn’t have any issues running her all the way up to 1600 ppm at the end of week 6. She has the look and tendency to grow more leaning to the Chem side of things in my opinion, especially based off of structure and smell!

With a 9 week finish she wasn’t the quickest but for sure did over 1.5 lb per light! Very very nice headstash as well!!!

Sherbert updates and finish

This is by far the stickiest weed i have ever come across!!

This cut was given to me and we finally now finished flowering her out! All i can say is DIABETES causing weed! So sweet to the smell with rock hard buds…she is gonna be a pleasure to smoke!

She grows a bit funny and is not a heavy producer.  Small tight nugs…nothing for a commercial room, but one of my favorite and savory smokes to date!

Woody OG grow tests

A few months ago i got a few cuts from a friend hyping this version of OG.  Ive ran numerous versions and hybrids over the years, and this one definitely competes with the best of em!


An absolute gem and joy to smoke! Super stinky, very gassy and greasy! Im interested to see the results of a new project we did with the Woody and a Tripple OG father given to us by Dr Frost awhile back. The results should be stunning!!