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shots from the garden..

just some shots from the gardens..


flower room central

Here’s a central shot of a 16 1000w HPS + 4 600w MH light room, with plants in rock wool cubes on 8 4×8 trays and tables. This room uses a simple hand watering top feed to waste in this sealed environment agriculture styled chamber. Co2 is released from bottles at 1400 ppm, which is meter-controlled. Daytime climate is usually 78degree/45%humidity within a 10 point drop at night. At the end of cycle, temperature is dropped down another 10 degrees. Flush is always a minimum of 10 days on the short cycle indicas and up to 20 on the longer sativas.



Using these awesome Method Seven filters to show an embedded canopy shot, in between the the two trellis layers of support and restriction. This strain’s working title is Citrus Punch, due to the smooth citrus flavor from the dried flower smoke and concentrates. This cut was a gift so the lineage isn’t clear but the popular assumption is that it is derived from the Tangerine Dream genetic offered by Barney’s Farm.


and here’s a finishing crop shot..



Emdog finished

The EmDog was a pleasure to grow, but needed some SERIOUS de-leafing this time around!!  She loves her haircuts!


She can take a good amount of food!! I didn’t have any issues running her all the way up to 1600 ppm at the end of week 6. She has the look and tendency to grow more leaning to the Chem side of things in my opinion, especially based off of structure and smell!

With a 9 week finish she wasn’t the quickest but for sure did over 1.5 lb per light! Very very nice headstash as well!!!

Sherbert updates and finish

This is by far the stickiest weed i have ever come across!!

This cut was given to me and we finally now finished flowering her out! All i can say is DIABETES causing weed! So sweet to the smell with rock hard buds…she is gonna be a pleasure to smoke!

She grows a bit funny and is not a heavy producer.  Small tight nugs…nothing for a commercial room, but one of my favorite and savory smokes to date!

Woody OG grow tests

A few months ago i got a few cuts from a friend hyping this version of OG.  Ive ran numerous versions and hybrids over the years, and this one definitely competes with the best of em!


An absolute gem and joy to smoke! Super stinky, very gassy and greasy! Im interested to see the results of a new project we did with the Woody and a Tripple OG father given to us by Dr Frost awhile back. The results should be stunning!!

EmDog Grow Journal

After running a bunch of elite clones for a quite long time, with no updates, i decided to go through some photos i have taken to compile a grow journal from our last batch of seeds….the EmDog released by Humboldt Seed Organization and B Real of Cypress Hill.


Fresh EmDog seed starts

I learned from the finest…the cleanliness, attention to detail and style of growing i contribute to the LA Soul Assassins / Cypress Hill family…thank you.

Cuts or seed starts are always made fresh, in a clinical sterile environment, using new trays, materials every time.

Veg Room 1

Veg Room 2

After taking cuts with a sharp new razor blade i  give them a few weeks veg to get to about 2 ft tall…then making their way into the pre-flower room.

EmDog week 3 veg

EmDog ready for transplant and flip

EmDog transplanted – end week 1 flowering

Uniformity and cleanness is key. I put 12 under a 1000w light in hugo cubes, feed to waste daily.  Im not a practitioner in recirculating systems…

EmDog week 3 flowering

EmDog week 5 flowering

EmDog week 6 flowering

De-leafing and haircutting time – week 7

EmDog week 8

EmDog finished and flushing – week 9

Upon a 14 day flush…the first 4 days are only RO water and molasses…the remaining 10 days is just RO.

EmDog ready for cut and trim – end week 9

The EmDog is a super vigorous, uniform and hearty plant to grow! She loves her food and was bred for a hydro-organic system.  A steady supply of cal-mag is needed!!  At weeks 6 through 8 you will need to manicure her bigger fan leaves….it is a mandatory de-leafing!!

The gassy chem / OG smell lingers in the later weeks and really comes out nicely with a proper cure.

Enjoy and hope you liked the pics!!




Blueberry Headband Stable Shatter

Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband Stable Shatter

Type:     Hybrid
Solventless?:     No
Flowering:     7 to 8 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     High

– – –

The HSO crew…also the same line breeders for the Emerald Triangle bank, i think (now from the UK ive heard) gifted me a small stock of this powerhouse strain in reg form.  After popping them and doing selection i found 2 keeper phonos that are now in rotation.  One a super heavy blueberry leaning fruity pheno and the other one a bit more gassy/kushy.

Interesting taste, reminds me of the blueberry from the early days in Amsterdam.  The yield is way above average with this strain….a real good one for hash production!

Thanks again to “The Welder” for the purge and process!

Two thumbs up on this one!!  Ill have more journals and updates on this strain for sure.

Grow Journal – Critical + & Moby Dick Auto from Dinafem Seeds

In the beginning of the year i was gifted some freebie Dinafem “Auto” seeds and was asked to try them out.  At first i did’nt think much of them as i have has little or no “good” experiences with ANY autoflowering seeds i have gotten from the Tude or tried from friends in the past.

FULL SUN – May/April/June – NO TARPS – IN CALI 

I got a total of 16 beans, 8 Critical + Auto and 8 Moby Dick Auto. A bit unsure i crack them all and figure it will be luck of the draw on this test run.

6 Critical + and 7 Moby made it…

After germinating them and keeping em in Jiffy starters under T5’s for a week i decided to transplant the remaining 13 alive into 2 Gal plastic pots using Sunshine Mix #4 (black bag) and a sprinkle of Extreme Gardening’s Mykos. Yep – thats right…i said 2 gallon pots!!

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 7

For veg feeding i use Organic Nutrients’ Ocean Grown Fish Hydrolysate, a ORGANIC micronized highly available nitrogen source (16-1-1).

I found this info on their site (

Ocean Grown is GMO FREE Organic Nitrogen(-NH2), allowing plants to increase growth, correct deficiencies, develop stronger roots, and even increase fruit and flower production. Sourced from 100% cod fish hydrolysate, Amine Nitrogen will not burn plants or restrict fruit and flower set like conventionally used nitrates. Ocean Grown can be used alone, or as a compliment to any existing fertilizer or pesticide program. This product will NOT clog drip systems or emitters. The unique aspect of Ocean Grown’s amino acid profile is the very low molecular weight of L-amino acids. Ocean Grown contains 80% L-amino acids, of which at least 50% are free form monomer amino acids, and the other 50% are short chain peptides, which means that the plant can assimilate them directly through the epidermis and immediately construct plant proteins rather than having to break down complex proteins into free amino acids and then have to rebuild (“synthesize”) amino acids into plant proteins.

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 17

I used the OG Fish for the first 27 days of “veg” at double the recommended dosage, with no burn or lock out…all with non ph’d tap water (2 tbs per 3 gal of tap water…using 6 gal to water all 13 plants).  They seemed to like it fairly “dry”…not water-logged.

Once per week i would add a compost tea with added “cal mag” from our friends at Primum Qualitas – a European distributor of Sensational Solutions micronized products.

There was one super small “runt” which got culled. It looked like it was sick and didnt look worth running as it was constantly water logged.  I am a California medical patient and figured that i should stick to the allowed 12 my doctors recommendation allows.

On average the plants grew 11″ every 10 days!!!!  Amazing this OG Fish product!!! Really!!!

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 23

Dinafem Critical + Autoflowering
day 27

At the first signs of flowering i dropped the use on the OG Fish down to recommended dosage and start feeding once a week with Organic Nutrient’s Insect Frass (2-2-2) and Extreme Gardening’s Mykos 6-4-4 (6-4-4) and Primum Qualitas‘  – Sensational Solutions Transition – a pre flower blend.

From their website:

Tranzition is a fertilizer that, when used during the first few weeks of flowering, helps plants make a vigorous transition from vegetative growing to fruiting and flowering.  The kelp meal in Tranzition provides a natural blend of plant growth regulators that help promote cell division, photosynthesis, branching, fruiting, and extreme root growth.  Other ingredients in Tranzition encourage earlier finish times, bushier plants and dense, massive fruits.  Tranzition is designed as a natural alternative to paclobutrazol containing fertilizers.

Tranzition is 100% organic, can be used in all types of gardens and can be added to aerated tea.

Dinafem Critical + Autoflowering
day 27 – start of flower

At this point i spray once for caterpillars and any other outdoor pests with a biodynamic horsetail prep.

Around day 25 to 28 all the plants were about 3.5 ft tall and started to flip / develop small pencil eraser head shaped buds! I was super impressed as the other clones (Amhurst Sour Diesel, various OG Kush’s, Master x OG, The Tange and our Bubba’s) were ALL still in veg obviously in May/June!

Now they are a bit more thirsty and get plain water twice a day (and also the weekly feed + tea). There was no need to do any big leafing or pruning of the plant as they all had very nice structure and internode spacing.  Super healthy looking plants!!

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 35

Around days 40 to 45 they really started to STINK and fatten out… i kind of got a bit concerned about smell…i added some organic guano as a top dressing + kelp and kept with the same regime of water and weekly feedings.  During this time they really exploded in growth and i had to put bamboo up to hold up each plant!!

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 40

-I decided to topfeed Sensational Solutions Blissfull Bloom Micronized Organic feed. It worked amazing and i only used it once…via my compost tea mix for this week.

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 45

I decided to start flushing them out now as a good majority of the hairs were changing colors and starting to begin the ripening process, but still fattening out!!  Only tap-water and compost tea once a week from here on out i figure! 😉

Nearing on day 55 they were still exploding with growth and still producing FAT buds 🙂

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 55

At day 60 i decided to chop them (i know they could have gone another week) as i was going out of town for 2 weeks and didnt want to let them sit. I really wish i could have let them go longer, but as a test run on some “Autos”…i was pleasantly suprised!

Dinafem Critical + Autofloweringday 60


From a total of 12 plants – 5 ft tall, there were 33 oz and 20 gr of finished, dry, trimmed buds…of which smelled SUPER nice and were tasty as well!!!

FULL SUN – May/April – NO TARPS – IN CALI !!! 

What ? I’m amazed with this test run and I’m for sure looking to try some more of Dinafem’s Autos!!!

Thank you Dinafem and the HSO crew for the lovely seeds! I still have a good portion of each plant in my head stash containers after a few months!  The Moby is a great daytime smoker while the C+ has an amazing fruity taste and knockout cerebral saliva/hybrid high…most definately not one for before work!!

I just got some new Humboldt Seed Organization – Bubba Kush Auto seeds, so well have to give those a try now too!!!  The packaging is on point!