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DNA’s Tangie stable shatter


DNA Genetics Tangie stable shatter

Type:     Sativa dominant
Solventless?:     No
Flowering:     9 to 10 weeks
Indoor yield:     Medium
THC:     Medium / High

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The homie from KUSHARMY (on instagram #kusharmy) rolled through today and blessed us with some of the tastiest herb/wax/shatter i have ever had! IT REALLY DOES SMELL AND TASTE LIKE TANGERINES!!!

Rumor has it that this stuff is 100 bucks a gr in clubs….POW!!


In my opinion this is the best tasting stuff i have had in a LONG time.  It compares, but is different to the likes of Exodus Cheese, Oldschool Pinapple Express and some of the fruity/stinky haze phonos cropping up.  Super tasty, a super smoke overall!!!

Thanks again for the link Kusharmy and FOB 😉