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Emdog finished

The EmDog was a pleasure to grow, but needed some SERIOUS de-leafing this time around!!  She loves her haircuts!


She can take a good amount of food!! I didn’t have any issues running her all the way up to 1600 ppm at the end of week 6. She has the look and tendency to grow more leaning to the Chem side of things in my opinion, especially based off of structure and smell!

With a 9 week finish she wasn’t the quickest but for sure did over 1.5 lb per light! Very very nice headstash as well!!!

B Real TV Studios

I decided to take a day trip to Downtown LA and check 3rd st & San Pedro for some new glass (all i saw was crap and fakes!!)  For sure DO NOT buy any glass from the swindlers down there!!!!

After lunch and a session with the homies on Spring i headed to the B Real TV Studio near the convention center.

B Real TV
B Real TV Studios

After a HUGE dab session with B and the boys we got some bomb ass mex food!

Make sure you check B’s SMOKEBOX sessions aswell as his daily 4:20 show!!!

And just in case you forgot…another shout from the studio:


EmDog Stable Shatter


EmDog stable shatter

Type:     Indica dominant
Solventless?:     No
Flowering:     8 to 9 weeks
Indoor yield:     High
THC:     Ultra High

– – –

This piece of joy was made for us by “The Welder”…THANK YOU!!

Super strong and tasty smoke!  It tastes just like the flowers, and kept me stoned for quite a few hours from only 2 dabs.